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Vice President of CCCG Real Estate and Chairman of CCCG Overseas Real Estate Private Sui Zhen Hai (third left), Chairman and Managing Director of CORE Precious Development Sdn Bhd, Zhang Bao (third right), Chief Operating Officer of TRX City Sdn Bhd, Tan Hwa Min (second left), Deputy Managing Director of WCT Holdings Bhd, Goh Chin Liong (second right), Chief Financial Officer of China Harbour Engineering Company Limited, Xiong Sheng Quan (left) and Managing Director of China Communications Construction Company Sdn Bhd, Ni Qing Jiu during the official launch of CORE Residence @ TRX in Kuala Lumpur. - NSTP/Salhani Ibrahim

CORE Precious Development Sdn Bhd launched its maiden residential project, Core Residence @ TRX, at the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

The RM1.4 billion high-end freehold project will be developed on a 1.65-acre land in the Kuala Lumpur International Financial District.

The project features three blocks of serviced residences with 700 residential units, priced between RM1.44 million to RM2.48 million.

Core Precious managing director and general manager of international business division of CCCG Real Estate Group, Zhang Bao said, the average price for the residences is RM2,200 per square feet.

The project is scheduled for completion at the end of 2023, he said, adding that hand over to buyers for the residences will commence from early 2024.

Zhang Bao said the company is targeting buyers from Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Singapore.

Core Precious is a joint-venture (JV) company between WCT Holdings Bhd and China Communications Construction Group (CCCG).

CCCG is a global leader in many industries including real estate, covering a project development area of almost 30-million square meters all across the world.

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