Lawyer Jadadish Chandra, who is serving as a Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) observer in a match-fixing hearing of two Malaysian players in Singapore, says BAM representatives were barred from the hearing today. File pic by HAFIZ SOHAIMI.

SINGAPORE: In a shocking move, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) have barred BA of Malaysia (BAM) representative, Jadadish Chandra, from attending a match-fixing hearing today.

Jadadish, who was an observer on the first day of the hearing (yesterday at a hotel in Singapore, said the world body had stopped him from attending the second half of the hearing which started at 10am today.

Two Malaysian players, accused of match-fixing, have been asked to attend the hearing.

“Today, at around 9am, I was contacted by BWF chief executive officer Stuart Borrie, who said that the chairperson of the three-men independent panel had received complaints from the players’ lawyers. They claimed that I was feeding information to the media.

“However, they did not specify which statement it was that led to the move to stop me from attending the hearing.

“I was only informed that my pass as an observer had been revoked,” Jadadish said today.

Jadadish expressed his disappointment with the BWF, claiming it to be an unfair decision.

"If there was any objection from the players' lawyers, then it should have happened at the hearing at 10am. How can they inform me at 9am when the hearing has not even started?" asked Jadadish.

Former world junior champion Zulfadli Zulkiffli and ex-Thomas Cupper Tan Chun Seang turned up for the hearing.

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