Goh Jin Wei is expected to be out of action for a few months.

THE BA of Malaysia (BAM) are confident that national women’s singles Goh Jin Wei will make a strong comeback after surgery.

The 19-year-old, who has been struggling with a stomach ailment since the start of the year, will go under the knife to remove part of her colon soon.

As a result, the reigning Sea Games champion will be sidelined for the next few months.

Despite the setback, BAM are more concerned with Jin Wei’s recovery.

“I believe her situation is a little different from the other shuttlers.

“Time is not a matter here, but more importantly is her recovery.

“The option to undergo surgery had been on the table for some time but we chose to try out a few passive approaches first. This was agreed by our medical panel.

“But after having tried several options, we came to a conclusion that surgery is probably the best for her,” said Choong Hann.

Jin Wei, a two-time world junior champion, competed in seven tournaments this year, including the Sudirman Cup but barely made an impact.

Her last outing was at the Australia Open in June, where she crashed out in the first round.

Apart from missing the Philippines Sea Games (Nov 30-Dec 11), Jin Wei’s dreams of featuring in next year’s Tokyo Olympics are all but over.

On when Jin Wei is expected to make a return, Choong Hann added: “It's hard to say but the priority here is her recovery.

“For any normal person who undergoes surgery, it will take some time for the wound and everything to heal.

“With Jin Wei, we want her to recover to a point where she can go about her daily life without any problem.

“And then we would monitor her during rehabilitation before deciding the right time for her to get back on court.

“For now, we can expect her to be out for at least four months.

“She is not forgetting badminton. She is doing this, so she can continue playing.

“I am confident she will make a strong return.”

In Jin Wei’s absence, Soniia Cheah looks set to carry Malaysia’s flag in the women's singles event in Tokyo, while S. Kisona will play a bigger role in the Sea Games.

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