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Petaling Jaya City FC’s old logo (left) which resembled the Premier League club Manchester City’s logo, is now given a new look (right).

KUALA LUMPUR: Petaling Jaya City FC and EPL champions Manchester City may be oceans apart but the two clubs have a ‘close encounter’ recently.

Man City, it is learnt, were not amused with the logo of Super League team, Petaling Jaya City, which resembled that of the Sky Blue team.

In fact, some fans had claimed that the PJ City’s logo, looked similar to Man City’s logo.

Incidentally, the jerseys of the Petaling Jaya team are almost like the same light blue colours of the Man City team.

The PJ City team’s logo, which was unveiled during the launch of the Super League team in December, was designed with shades of gold, dark and light blue and red which bear some resemblance to that of Manchester City’s.

According to a source, Man City had “advised” PJ City to change their logo after they came to know about it.

But Petaling Jaya FC owner Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran refuted claims that the Citizens intend to take legal action oover the issue,

“Nobody has talked about this (legal action). I just came back from there (Manchester City),” said Vijay, who is a fan of Man City.

“We, ourselves, decided to change our logo after our new logo received good responses from the fans, and we felt a lot better with it.

PJ City’s Rajes Perumal (left) taking on Selangor’s Mohd Nurridzuan Abu Hassan in a Super League match on Feb 9, 2019 at MBPJ Stadium.

“We are satisfied with the colours that we are wearing right now. There is no issues with Man City,” said Vijay.

After Man City’s “mention of the logo”, the PJ City logo was officially changed two days before the 2019 season kicked off on Feb 2.

There have been previous cases of teams having similar logos in sports. In 2017, Serie A side, Juventus, launched their new logo that looked similar to that of Swedish tennis star, Robin Soderling.

Other clubs that have found themselves embroiled in the logo issue include Barcelona, Everton and Chelsea.

In 2014, DC Comics, a subsidiary of Warner Bros, also threatened to sue Spanish football club Valencia for using a bat image for the club logo which had similarities to Batman.

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