Malaysia’s top swimmer, Welson Sim. (NSTP/ RASUL AZLI SAMAD)

KUALA LUMPUR: Like it or not, national swimmers have to admit to the fact that they do not stand much of a chance to contribute medals at the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia cone April.

In fact, Malaysia’s top swimmer, Welson Sim will also face an uphill battle and task in winning a medal at the Games.

This is the reality that has to be accepted because they need to be much faster in the pool of they intend on reaching the final and winning medals.

This was admitted as much by national swimming coach, Paul Birmingham who sees such a factor or scenario based on the current the national swimmers current positions.

“Yes, they will most likely not be able to win any medals at the upcoming Commonwealth Games, because there they will be facing proven champions and world record holders, as well as Olympic champions and a few other well-known names.

“So we must be realistic. Even though Welson is good, in reality he does not stand much of a chance. However what is very pleasing is the fact that Welson is showing welcome improvements and developments,” said Birmingham who also informed that Welson will be taking part in the 200m and 400m events.

Hosts Australia will most definitely be fielding their best swimmers, some of whom are world champions, such as Mack Horton and Kyle Chambers, apart from Adam Peaty of Britain and a few other big names.

Other than this, Birmingham also informed that the national swmming squad will only have five athletes competing at the Games, namely Welson, Chan Jie, Tern Jian Han, Keith Lim and the country’s sole female swimmer, Caroline Chan.

According to Birmingham, the organisers requirements which only allows five athletes to be listed for the Games makes it difficult for him to send more swimmers.

However, the swimmers selection was made based on their recent performances, consistency and chances of making the semi-finals.

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