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Adamas deputy director Nishel Kumar. (FILE PIC/Pic by OWEE AH CHUN)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Doping Agency (Adamas) have confirmed that there were more than two cases involving the abuse of banned substances detected during the recent 19th Malaysia Games (Sukma) that was held in Perak.

This was made known by Adamas deputy director Nishel Kumar after two cases involving weightlifters and the latest being from the sport of Judo.

Nishel also said that there are a few more samples that are being tested in the laboratory and the actual number of athletes who failed their dope tests will only be known this coming Tuesday (October 23rd).

“Yes there has been cases of positive results involving banned substances. However, Adamas are still waiting for the test results of a few more samples from the laboratory.

“It involves a few categories with doubts over certain cases, and therefore the laboratory has requested for more time before providing confirmation,” he said.

Nishel added that among the banned substances detected are stimulants and even though such substances are not steroids, it could give an advantage to the athletes who consumed them.

However punishment can only be meted out by the respective associations and it is not under Adamas’ jurisdiction.

“The maximum punishment for the use of banned substances such as stimulants is four years, however it also depends if the athletes in question consumed them intentionally or unintentionally.

“It could end up being similar the case involving national hockey goalkeeper S. Kumar, who managed to prove that he did not intentionally consume the substance and therefore a reduced punishment was handed out,” he said.

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