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The house on Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam 1, South Jakarta. Pix source:

JAKARTA: The occurrence of rainfall over one house only in Tebet, South Jakarta, last Saturday, was a natural phenomenon rarely seen in the world.

Online media today quoted Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) information centre head, Mulyono Prabowo as saying that the incident was rare..

He said the six-hour localised rain which poured on a 5x5 metre house in Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam 1, South Jakarta, was strange.

A video footage of the incident went viral on the social media in Indonesia as it happened during hot and dry weather.

Mulyono said a study revealed that the height of the clouds during the phenomenon was between 700 metres and one kilometre.

The house owner, known as Muzakir, who was playing chess with a neighbour at the time, said he initially thought the rain from about 6.30pm until midnight involved the whole area. - Bernama

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