THE KFC and donuts is priced at US$5.99.

KFC is testing a new fried chicken and donuts sandwich in select locations for a limited time.

The fast food chain announced on Friday that 40 shops in Pennsylvania and Virginia in the United States will be offering the sweet-meets-savoury dish, and if it performs well enough, it may roll out nationwide.

A promotional photo shows one very crispy piece of fried chicken sandwiched between two plump glazed donuts.

Donuts have been used in place of bread in sandwiches for some time, but KFC is the first major chain to serve up the calorie-packed dish, which will cost US$5.99 (RM25).

The chain is also testing a Kentucky Fried Chicken and Donut Basket, which has chicken (pieces or tenders) with one or two donuts for US$5.49 to US$7.49.

Within hours of the announcement, fans flocked to Twitter to share their takes, with some calling it “horrendous” and others planning road trips to the locations stocking the sandwich.

“Nature's perfect food,” one person wrote, while another simply gushed: “Take my money!!”

But others called out the incredibly high fat and calorie content that they assume the sandwich must have, with one commenting: “F**k... country just got 10 per cent fatter,” as another chimed in, “Take a shortcut to diabetes.”

Some even accused the fast food chain of trying to kill its customers with the over-the-top dish.

“They're literally trying to kill people,” one person insisted, while another wrote: “So they are trying to kill people cool, cool.”

“Do they actually intend to kill as many customers as possible? Strange business strategy,” one less-than-impressed Twitter user added. – Daily Mail

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