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Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn.
Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn.

PHNOM PENH: Cambodia is considering setting up two more embassies in Africa and Latin America respectively to expand its diplomatic ties.

Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn said the government was in the process of opening an embassy in Turkey and also establishing consular offices in other nations.

“We want to expand our existing embassies in Bulgaria and Serbia,” he added.

Prak said the increasing number of diplomatic missions around the world would put more weight on the nation’s shoulders.

“I hope everyone will cooperate and move forward together consistently, in line with evolution and changes in the world,” he said at the closing ceremony of the ministry’s annual conference recently.

Khmer Times quoted the minister as saying Cambodia currently has diplomatic ties with 174 countries and 63 embassies in foreign countries.

Prime Minister Hun Sen has agreed in principle to the establishment of a Cambodian embassy in South Africa and Brazil, adding that the ministry should now prepare a budget plan and building for staff.

He said Cambodia was a small nation, but had been actively contributing to international affairs.

“Of course, Cambodia has little influence on the international scene, but it does not mean that we can do nothing.

“We have shown to the international community our increasingly active role in world and regional affairs by contributing to global peace and social welfare.

“Cambodia also dispatches peacekeepers, strongly supports the international role against terrorism, transnational crimes and climate change.”

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