Complaints over e-Madani claims create social media storm [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: The e-Madani programme, a one-off RM100 e-wallet credit for some 10 million eligible Malaysians, has been caught in the centre of a social media storm as netizens expressed their outrage and disappointment over their failure to get their applications approved.

Numerous netizens have taken to various social media platforms to voice their grievances, sharing stories of their unsuccessful attempts to secure the promised RM100 e-wallet credit.

Comments and posts flooded social media timelines, with some users expressing their disappointment at the lack of transparency in the application process.

Questions regarding the eligibility criteria and the selection process have left many applicants puzzled and seeking answers.

One applicant named Khairul Jal took to X, stating, "Has anyone successfully claimed eMADANI? Why is everyone getting rejected? Is this a scam?".

Another user with tweethandle njcutiedimple posted a picture of his screenshots application from MAE application.

"I have received notifications that my eMadani claim was successful, but I cannot redeem the money due to the second notification I received, which states that my claim was duplicated."


Meanwhile, one applicant named Jue Andika Suria took to Facebook, stating, "Don't know whether to cry or laugh... My gross salary is only RM4,000, but the net salary is only RM1,000... End up 'unsuccessful.'"

A few applicants who were initially deemed successful in securing the RM100 credit also voiced concerns over their unsuccessful attempts to use the credit at retail stores.

Comments and messages shared by affected individuals reflect a range of issues, including technical glitches, payment failures, and in some instances, outright rejection of the eMadani credit at the point of sale.

This unexpected development has intensified the scrutiny on the eMadani programme, with questions arising about the functionality and compatibility of the provided e-wallet credits with popular retail systems.

A user named Emreans tweeted "  Hi, has anyone received eMadani by MAE?? Have you guys tried using it yet?? I tried at two retailers but it didn't work."


Another user also posted on Facebook saying " I was so excited when I got approved for eMadani through MAE. Immediately tonight, I went to Econjaya Supermarket to claim it. "While waiting in line to pay, I asked the cashier if I could use eMadani, and she said yes.

However, when it was my turn to pay and I had already opened MAE, the cashier said she couldn't use eMadani because she couldn't scan the barcode. "Only Touch 'n Go could be used.

How frustrating! I'm not sure how to deal with this barcode scanning issue. Just followed what the cashier said and paid using my own money." 

Business Times has reached out to the Ministry of Finance for comments.

On Monday, Dec 4, the government kicked off redemption for the e-Madani programme for Malaysians aged 21 and above, with income below RM100,000 per annum, who are not a recipient of the past eBeliaRahmah credit.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the e-credit initiative under the eMadani programme would benefit about 10 million individuals, with a total cost of RM1 billion.

Those eligible have until Feb 20 next year to redeem the e-credit through four-wallet providers, namely Maybank's MAE, Petronas' Setel, TNG Digital and ShopeePay.

E-wallet providers have thrown in freebies such as free rewards points and merchant vouchers to entice Malaysians to claim the RM100 e-wallet credit.


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