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Israel balances domestic, international pressures in striking Iran

By Samia Nakhoul 9 hours ago
ISRAEL’S apparent strike on Iran after days of vacillation was small and appeared calibrated to dial back risks of a major war, even if the sheer fact it happened at all shattered a taboo of direct attacks that Teheran broke days earlier.
Leader 9 hours ago
NST Leader: JS-SEZ
Columnists 1 day ago
X 'sleuths' spreading misinformation
Columnists 1 day ago
Climate change 'squeezing' more rain over UAE
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AFTER six months of Israeli annihilation of Gazans, an overwhelming question needs asking.
NST Leader: Of guns and borders
THE frequency is frightening. On March 27, the police arrested an Israeli man who was found with six guns and about 200 bullets at a hotel in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
NST Leader: Of Hellas and hubris
Western hubris is as old as the Greek word. If it is said to have begun in ancient Greece, or geographically thereabouts, it is coming to an end in Gaza.
Seremban roads, drains in dire need of repairs
Prioritise drug producers' vital role in medical security
Staying safe in public spaces
Focus on improving public transport, not highways, in urban areas
Crucial to instil good values in kids
We don’t want them to grow up to be self-centred, uncaring and unloving souls without a conscience and with no respect for the institutions of the land, for law and order, for people or even for life itself.
Tap food heritage potential to boost tourism
Many from the younger generation do not know much about our food heritage.
Switch from single-use plastics to reusable ones
According to Dutch academic Lourens J.J. Meijer, Malaysia is among the top contributors of plastic pollution in the ocean, ranking third in the world.
Israel balances domestic, international pressures in striking Iran
X 'sleuths' spreading misinformation
Climate change 'squeezing' more rain over UAE
Creating YouTube content a lifeline for Afghan women
The unmanned arms race
CAPABLE of breaching even the most highly protected airspace, the United States Air Force’s new B-21 bomber is arguably the most advanced warplane on earth.
Hush money trial could help Trump in presidential race
WHEN Donald Trump, 77, was indicted a bit more than a year ago over hush money paid to a porn star, it turbocharged the Republican’s presidential campaign.
Brazil hardliner judge in feud with Elon Musk
WITH his stern gaze and shiny bald head, Supreme Court judge Alexandre de Moraes has emerged as one of the most powerful and polarising people in Brazil by probing far-right ex-president Jair Bolsonaro’s alleged attacks on democracy.