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How country can be back on its feet by mid year

By Admin 11 minutes ago
<b>LETTER:</b> My countrymen, as I sit and discuss with friends and colleagues, I fear for our future. Preoccupied by political sideshows. Enmeshed in pettiness. As if not knowing what we want.
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Establish mechanism, facilities to lessen impact of price hikes
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NST Leader: The face of Google
Columnists 20 hours ago
Traditional remedies are about giving comfort, hope
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NST Leader: The face of Google
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What we do to others shapes what we become. This is the take of Asma Barlas, a retired professor of politics in New York, on why America is what it is.
NST Leader: All together now, Malaysia
Covid-19 is running wild. Daily four-digit cases say it all. Something isn’t working. Granted, we did a great job in flattening the Covid-19 curve in the first wave. Perhaps even in the second wave.
NST Leader: Apartheid 2.0
THIS is Apartheid, screams the latest report by B’Tselem, an Israeli human rights group, on how the Zionist government of Israel engineers space to dominate over the Palestinians.
How country can be back on its feet by mid year
Establish mechanism, facilities to lessen impact of price hikes
Famous trios during war, peace
Nitpicking over issues will not make Covid-19 disappear
Supporting the prohibition of nuclear weapons
With the timely enforcement starting yesterday, now there is a blanket ban on all types of nuclear weapons in 51 countries.
Prepare educators for e-learning
She said local higher education institutions had to transition to online learning, e-learning or at the very least maintain a mix of in-person and online learning. Unfortunately, many higher education institutions and their staff were ill-prepared to make the shift and had to do it for months.
Pandemic recovery should focus on strengthening people's resilience
Now is the chance to remake the future for the better.
Traditional remedies are about giving comfort, hope
Contesting emergency is inappropriate
The lockdown generation of homeschoolers
Profoundly unforgettable Malaysia
Will our 2020 CPI get worse?
Transparency International will be releasing its 23rd annual Corruption Perceptions Index (2020 CPI) on Jan 28 at 12.45pm via live streaming on Zoom.
Conservation of nature a vital part of education and a life skill
Kofi Annan, the late United Nations secretary-general, memorably summed up this way the 21st  century’s greatest challenge: “…(T)o take an idea that seems abstract — sustainable development — and turn it into a reality for people.” 
Kerala's LDF seeks to buck anti-incumbency tradition in state polls
Kerala will be among a handful of states in India heading to the polls in the second quarter of this year.