MMAG Holdings appoints chairman for aviation arm as part of group restructuring

KUALA LUMPUR: MMAG Holdings Bhd, today announced the appointment of Woo Kam Weng as the chairman of the group's aviation arm, MMAG Aviation Consortium Sdn Bhd, as part of the group's restructuring exercise and focus on aviation.

In a statement today, the company said the group is taking substantial steps to enhance its already distinguished aviation capabilities and broaden its extensive range of aviation-centric services.

"While we are currently in the process of streamlining our business units and laying the groundwork for necessary corporate restructuring initiatives, we are already making significant strides in optimising our operations and aligning them with our overarching strategies. Our unwavering commitment is to provide comprehensive end-to-end integrated aviation services that cater to the diverse needs of our valued clients and partners," Woo said in the statement.

Four companies are under MMAG Aviation, namely its flagship MJets International Sdn Bhd, XCT Aviation Sdn Bhd, Oceanic Transshipment Sdn Bhd and SkyVault Cargo Sdn Bhd.

MJets Air provides air freight cargo services and currently operates a fleet of four aircraft. It plans to increase its fleet size to seven by end of this year with the increasing demand for additional flight frequencies and new routes.

Another key business unit of the group, XCT Aviation operates the Xpress Cargo Terminal, strategically situated at Alibaba's groundbreaking e-WTP with 302,400 sqft of space.

XCT has introduced a pioneering automation system, a first-of-its-kind innovation in Malaysia, which significantly reduces the check-in process time. For the export of complete built up cargo, the process now takes just 90 minutes, while for loose bulk cargo its streamlined to only 60 minutes.

XCT is strategically positioned to tap into the perishable goods market, leveraging its proximity to the Oceanic Transshipment Hub within the Xpress Cargo Terminal.

SkyVault Cargo, formerly known as MMantap Sdn Bhd, on the other hand aims to transform the storage and warehousing industry with its on-demand services, addressing the warehousing challenges with by the surge ine-commerce.

"As we move forward, we envision a seamless synergy within our aviation capabilities which will enable us to offer a comprehensive solution encompassing everything from air freight and cargo handling to efficient transshipment and warehousing services. We are committed to becoming a powerhouse in the aviation industry, delivering exceptional value and service quality," Woo said.

The statement said the formation of MMAG Aviation epitomises the group's visionary strategy and commitment to continuous innovation, showcasing its ambition to transcend industry norms and deliver exceptional value to its stakeholders.

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