Booming demand for hijab stylists leads to flourishing career options

KUALA LUMPUR: What started off as a casual sharing of hijab styling tutorials on social media unexpectedly flourished into a successful profession as a hijab stylist for a housewife, enabling her to generate a respectable income.

Nursalihah Ahmad Azman Saha, 34, fondly recalls how her career took off at the end of 2022 when requests to curate hijab styles for clients flooded in as her social media followers increasingly recognised her talent and skills.

"People began asking whether I was interested in styling hijabs for others, so I decided why not give it a go and use my abilities and talents.

"In the early stages, I didn't pursue styling hijabs for brides, and then I got involved in styling models for photoshoots featuring numerous fashion and cosmetic brands to further hone my skills," she told Bernama.

Transitioning her focus to providing bridal hijab styling services with prices ranging from RM500 to RM700, the mother of two believes that hijab stylists should keep abreast of the latest trends, including those from abroad, to meet the diverse needs of their clientele.





"Customers have a wide range of preferences when it comes to hijab styles, with many opting for shawl and tudung bawal (wide shawl), and lately, there's been a surge in demand for Turkish hijab styles," said Nursalihah, who has also received requests from Singapore and Brunei but hasn't been able to fulfil them due to time constraints.

Looking ahead, the architecture certificate holder from Politeknik Ungku Omar in Perak aims to broaden her bridal hijab fashion collection by incorporating various fabric choices and styles.

Siti Nurliyana A Rahim, 30, makes the most of her makeup and hijab styling skills, acquired through training at the PIZZASCARF Academy, to supplement her income during weekends.

The civil servant said that brides-to-be are increasingly concerned with their overall appearance, not only focusing on makeup and clothing but also making sure their hijab is neat.

She said that opting for a stylist service alongside a makeup artist can guarantee a more meticulous and neat hijab finish for brides.





"For just RM499, my service goes beyond hijab styling; I offer tailored advice on selecting the ideal veil style for the bride, taking into account factors like colour, material, clothing fashion, face shape, and more," she added.

With more than three years of professional experience, Siti Nurliyana has styled celebrities like Wany Hasrita and Sarah Suhairi and aspires to provide makeup services for esteemed figures like the Queen of Malaysia, should the opportunity arise.

Meanwhile, PIZZASCARF hijab founder Anis Suraya Zulkifly, 31, said that since establishing a hijab consultation programme in 2018, the brand has produced more than 100 stylists throughout the country.

She said that her hijab brand agents, consisting of professionals like physiotherapists and pharmacists, would undergo a two-day training programme, following which their skills would be assessed through their work performance, customer reviews, and engagement on social media.

Anis Suraya explained that hijab styling skills are categorised into five levels, namely junior, which allows stylists to charge RM99, followed by primary (RM199), pro (RM299), pro max (RM399), and master (RM499).

"To move from the Junior level to Primary, stylists must style at least 15 brides," Anis Suraya said adding that she initiated a hijab styling training programme with the intent of aiding women from different socioeconomic backgrounds in generating income.

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