#TECH: Helping teens fight cyberbullying

UNIVERSITI Teknologi Mara students recently held a programme to raise awareness among secondary school students on the dangers of cyberbullying.

Organised by second-semester students of UiTM's Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) Advertising Programme from the Faculty of Communication And Media Studies, The Sulam: C-Through Break The Cycle programme aimed to help young people navigate the pitfalls of social media interactions.

The programme was held on July 8 at SMK Engku Husain in Semenyih, Selangor, and involved 136 students from the school.

The students were taught to identify and understand the meaning, types and causes of cyberbullying, and also learnt how to identify victims.

One of the activities was a game called The Damaged Radio, where sentences about cyberbullying were given to certain students for them to understand and then deliver the message to group mates.

This was to teach them not to get caught up in the wave of cyberbullying.

There was also a sharing session titled "Being a Cyber Hero: The Importance of Cyber Ethics", delivered by Advanced Binary Networks chief executive officer Ts Afdzal Nazri.

The session focused on ethics and values that needed to be applied during interactions in cyberspace.

"We need to remind students about the importance of respecting one another in the virtual world and face-to-face interactions," said SMK Engku Husain principal Rizal Huzir.

He added that respect was one way to protect everyone from cyberbullying.

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