#TECH: Great sound quality and made to last

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Jabra Elite 8 Active, and I must say I'm thoroughly impressed with these earbuds.

Based on the design, I think Jabra has truly raised the bar in terms of durability and sound quality, making them a fantastic choice for anyone seeking top-notch wireless earbuds.

The noise-canceling feature is excellent and works as well as bigger headphones. The sound is great, with a smooth and enjoyable beat.

For those looking to use these earbuds for work and play, the Elite 8 Active has got you covered. With 6-mic call technology and a wind noise-protecting mesh, your voice comes through crisp and clear during calls.

First and foremost, the Elite 8 Active's claim to be the world's toughest earbuds is not an exaggeration.

They have been rigorously tested to meet the US Military Standard for Ruggedised Electronics (810H), which includes enduring extreme conditions like humidity, high temperatures, rain, and altitude.

These earbuds have a smooth and secure magnetic closure, which means they won't accidentally fall out.

They are small and easy to carry in pockets or bags, and they come with extra covers for a comfy fit in your ears.

You can wear these earbuds for long flights without any pain. They won't hurt your earlobes, and you can even lay down on your side without discomfort.

Battery life is extraordinary for these earbuds. If you use them for about an hour each day, they can last a whole week on a single charge. In total, they provide around 14 hours of use from a full charge to low battery. From my experience, I managed to use the earbuds with a single charge for about two weeks.

Made to withstand the elements

The new Jabra Elite 8 Active earbuds are also hardy. I took them out for exercise, jogging and other outdoor activities, and they performed fine.

Jabra said that they are even completely watertight when submerged up to 1.5 metres, boasting an impressive IP68 rating for dust and waterproofing. However, I didn't manage to try this out.

The charging case is no slouch either, with an IP54 rating to keep it dust and splashproof.

To further prove their anti-corrosion credentials, the earbuds have passed Highly Accelerated Corrosion Testing (HACT), which involves enduring 2 hours in 40-degree Celsius temperatures with 93 per cent humidity, a saltwater splash test, and a 40 degree Celsius heat drying test. These earbuds are built to last, and the Jabra ShakeGrip technology ensures they stay securely in your ears during even the most intense activities.

While the Elite 8 Active focuses on durability, they haven't skimped on sound quality. With Dolby Audio, these earbuds deliver lifelike, clear sound that enhances the listening experience. The Adaptive Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a standout feature that automatically adjusts to your environment, providing an immersive sound experience.

The Wind Neutralising HearThrough technology is a game-changer, muffling wind interference without blocking out important external sounds, making them suitable for various activities, indoors and outdoors.


The stable smartwatch connectivity, Google Assistant integration, Fast Pair, Swift Pair, and Spotify Tap playback options make these earbuds versatile for both your work and workout needs. The battery life is impressive, offering up to 8 hours of playtime (or 32 hours with the case with ANC on), ensuring they can keep up with your busy day.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active comes in a sleek design and is available in Caramel, Navy, and Dark Grey, adding a touch of style to the robust build and impressive sound quality.

At RM1,049, they are an investment worth making, especially if you value durability and exceptional sound in your wireless earbuds.

If you're looking for a premium pair of wireless earbuds that won't let you down, I highly recommend giving the Elite 8 Active a try. You can find out more about them on Jabra's website, and I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I am with their performance.

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