#TECH: Yoodo and O-Two in pact to boost Malaysia's e-sports industry

KUALA LUMPUR: Yoodo has announced a groundbreaking partnership with O-Two Esports, a powerhouse in the world of PUBG Mobile, setting the stage for a possible shift towards dominance in both local and international e-sports.

The O-Two Esports team will officially take on the name Yoodo O-Two from today, and their in-game name will also change to reflect this refreshed identity.

Yoodo O-Two represents the third generation of e-sports teams under the Yoodo umbrella, featuring renowned e-sports figures such as Fuad 'Fredo' Razali, Partibhan 'OnTheGo' Petchayappen, and Izruddin 'Jumper' Hashim.

This formidable lineup aims to elevate the standards of competitive gaming, particularly in PUBG Mobile.

Head of Yoodo, Chow Tuck Mun, said that the establishment of Yoodo O-Two marks a significant milestone for both the brand and the Malaysian e-sports industry, poised to elevate the standards of competitive gaming, particularly in the realm of PUBG Mobile.

"The rise of Yoodo O-Two attests to the vital role of digital telcos in mobile gaming. As a pioneer in this space, Yoodo is uniquely positioned to springboard our local esports athletes onto the international esports stage," he said.

"Our strength in providing innovative and seamless digital connectivity offers players the resources to showcase their skills and perform their best in the global arena," said Chow.

Yoodo O-Two is the third-generation e-sports team formed under the Yoodo brand.

"We believe in the power of gaming to unite, inspire, and push boundaries," he said.

He also said that with this new partnership, Yoodo is further solidifying our unwavering commitment to nurture Malaysian talents in line with our strategies to foster e-sports excellence in the country.

"O-Two's chief executive officer, Muhamad Arif Badrul Hisham, said that their decision to collaborate with Yoodo to form Yoodo O-Two represents the creation of an innovative and formidable force in the e-sports landscape.

"Our fresh identity signifies our readiness to challenge mobile e-sports norms; partnering with Yoodo boosts our confidence to expand boundaries, connect with fans, and unveil our inaugural PUBG Mobile team lineup soon," he said.

The partnership also underscores Yoodo's commitment to empowering gaming professionals and enthusiasts.

Gaming-specific data add-ons are being offered, allowing users to enjoy popular mobile games like PUBG Mobile and Mobile Legends without impacting their base data plan.

Emerging as a pivotal force driving transformation in competitive gaming, the team will showcase a line-up that seamlessly blends renowned and seasoned professional players, each having made enduring contributions to the PUBG Mobile scene.

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