#TECH: Humanising e-commerce via more user engagement

SHOPEE Malaysia has officially revealed the findings of its 'Championing Inclusive Commerce 2024' study, which surveyed over 3,000 Shopee Affiliates.

The study unveils a positive outlook among 9 in 10 Affiliates regarding their e-commerce opportunities in 2024.

These Affiliates express eagerness to humanise the e-commerce experience by increasing personalisation, engaging more users through posts and livestreams, and driving additional traffic for local sellers who share their values.

Human-centric content

When asked about the e-commerce trends they are most excited about in 2024, 75 per cent of Affiliates expressed enthusiasm for creating more personalised content for their audiences.

The Shopee Affiliates said they aspire to foster authentic engagements with their audiences (30 per cent), aim to enhance content personalisation through product education posts and livestreams (30 per cent), while another segment is keen on collaborating with local businesses to raise awareness (15 per cent).

Shopee Malaysia's head of marketing, Kenneth Soh, highlighted the leadership role of the affiliates in humanising e-commerce.

He emphasised the significance of providing users with original and genuine content, stating, "Malaysian consumers are craving something real – they want to connect with real people, relatable stories, and genuine experiences."

Importance of authenticity and personalisation

A Shopee Affiliate livestreamer, Celeste Phuah, emphasised the importance of authenticity in building sincere relationships with the audience.

She shared insights into her approach, stating, "As an affiliate livestreamer, I believe it is important to be honest and open with my audience during my product recommendation live sessions," she said.

Building communities

About 94 per cent of Shopee Affiliates foresee a surge in user engagement through authentic content and interactive livestreams. This highlights a significant shift in audience behavior, emphasising the growing demand for genuine connections between Shopee buyers and sellers. Affiliates are seen as pivotal in digitally bridging this gap.

Looking ahead to their goals for the year, 100 per cent of Shopee Affiliates aim to drive more traffic to local sellers in 2024.

Furthermore, 96 per cent express the desire to collaborate with local sellers aligned with their values, reflecting a commitment to supporting Made-in-Malaysia products and contributing to the nation's vibrant digital economies.

Meawhile, Rita Zafran, a Shopee Affiliate (Top Posting Creator), expressed her joy in working with local brands, stating, "I enjoy working with local brands and sellers as I believe it is important to support our homegrown entrepreneurs."

She looks forward to collaborating with these sellers in 2024 to create family-friendly content aligned with her Muslim culture and values.

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