#TECH: World's fastest camera drone

AS the new Formula 1 season kicks off, Red Bull has demonstrated an exceptional camera drone, capable of following and filming one of its F1 cars as it speeds around the Silverstone racetrack in England.

Red Bull has posted a video of what it claims is the world's fastest camera drone. Developed by Dutch company Dutch Drone Gods, which specialises in aerial video production, it offers a new perspective on filming extreme sports. For example, it can fly over and follow an F1 car, in this case, the fastest of them all — Max Verstappen's new Red Bull RB20 — on the Silverstone racetrack, with a demonstration to prove it.

The FPV drone is equipped with an on-board camera and can be manually controlled in immersive view mode via dedicated goggles.

It has been specially designed to follow the car at speeds in excess of 300kph. It took almost a year of work to develop the drone, and the result is impressive. In particular, it can reach 300kph in just four seconds, and even 350kph if necessary.

The downside of this technology is that it can operate for three minutes only, which means it can film just one lap of the track for the time being.

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