#BEAUTY: The "L Shape" blush hack for a fresh, radiant look

MAKE-UP trends come thick and fast on TikTok. But, when it comes to blush, social network users seem to be searching high and low for the ideal method of application, offering the most accessible and effective way of achieving a radiant, glowing complexion. The craze is such that blush is now more popular than contouring -- and that's saying something! On TikTok, the #blush hashtag has racked up hundreds of millions of views, with posts revealing new finds, the most popular products and the best application methods.

Which brings us to the latest beauty trick to go viral on the Chinese social network: the "L Shape" method, also known as the "L-Shaped" or "L' blush" hack. This technique, which has become popular with a host of users -- no doubt until the next one emerges -- promises perfect blush application for all face shapes. In other words, it delivers an immediate healthy-glow effect with minimal risk of getting it wrong. It's a tantalising promise that has already won over the hearts -- and cheekbones -- of several million users.

So what does this coveted technique involve? It's quite simple: all you need to do is make an "L" shape with your hand to ensure you apply the blush in the right place. Use your fingers and thumb to form the shape of the letter, and press your hand against your face so that the thumb is positioned just under the nose and the index finger points upwards towards the tip of the eyebrow. It's inside this "L", on the cheek only, that the blush should be applied. Thanks to this technique, it's virtually impossible to go wrong, social media users say. They claim to appreciate the instant healthy-glow effect of the method, as well as the fact that it sculpts the face.

Contrary to what you might think, this trend isn't actually all that innovative. Not only have make-up artists been using it for many years, but it has also been proving its worth on the Chinese social network since 2022. The renewed interest in blush has simply brought the hack back to the forefront. And it's not the only blush technique going down a storm on the platform. Users are also going wild for "glazed blush", which involves using blush and highlighter, and "purple blush" for an even healthier glow.

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