#Showbiz: After 17 years, 'Superman' Faizal Tahir still rocks

WHEN Faizal Tahir was a strong contender in the first season of 8TV's reality talent show One In A Million (OIAM), one female fan wrote on social media that he was "bigger than her Hollywood idols".

The anonymous fan said: "In Malaysia, we don't need Hollywood heroes when we've got 'Superman' Faizal Tahir!"

She may have exaggerated but after the OIAM1 runner-up weaved his magic at his first solo concert in Dewan Merdeka, World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur on Sept 2, the 3,000-strong crowd would have agreed.


The singer, songwriter and composer gave his all in a two-hour extravaganza that was spellbinding and intimate, and poured his heart into all 22 songs.

In fact, in one of his new songs OK, Faizal, 45, unleashed hundreds of his very own "banknotes" on the guests and these featured a photo of him dressed in his personally-crafted Tanjak Balung Ayam headdress and grinning from ear to ear.

Accompanied by five musicians as well as the Casa String Ensemble and Arjuna Sukma Dikir Barat troupe, he got everybody singing along to Mahakarya Cinta, the song which launched his career after he finished second in OIAM1 in 2006.


Faizal said that his 17-year musical journey had been marked by "positives and negatives".

"But I've learnt to put the past behind me and look forward," said the father of seven before belting out his power-packed, sing-along songs Bencinta and Karma.


"I've travelled to many countries but there's one that I'd love to visit someday," said Faizal as the audience shouted "Cuba".

His next song was indeed Cuba, but it had nothing to do with the Caribbean country.

This anthem about self-improvement has been used for several Malay dramas over the years.


Faizal then performed Hanyut, a cautionary tale about avoiding negative influences, and the power-packed Assalamualaikum, a humanitarian anthem which inspired him to set up his non-governmental organisation I Am Faith Men in 2016.

Starfeather, about perseverance, and the popular Sampai Syurga, which he dedicated to his wife of 22 years, Siti Raihanim Noran, came next.


Faizal admitted that he had become a more spiritual person and chose to write lyrics that sounded like universal prayers.

His next three songs Sejati, Adam and Syahadah showed what he meant.

The concert also featured several special guests including comedian Sabri Yunus, who led the Dikir Barat troupe in patriotic chants to accompany Faizal's best known Merdeka month anthem Negaraku.


Faizal then told his guests to reach below their seats and get hold of the mini national flags fastened there.

"Let's all wave our flags proudly for our next song is for Malaysia!" he said as he belted out Malaysia, to which everyone sang along.

After a special song for his children, Bisa Aja, Faizal welcomed on stage pop queen Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza to roaring applause.

Siti admitted that she, too, was a huge fan of Faizal and described him as an icon of Malaysian music.

The pair then performed their patriotic duet Dirgahayu to a standing ovation.


Faizal then welcomed his best buddy from OIAM1, Alif Satar, who finished third behind him.

"Faizal's strongest quality is his humility and friendliness," said Alif, who sang Gemuruh as a duet with Faizal.


Faizal then sang Ratu, his song for daughter Maryam followed by the groovy Ragaman which gave fans lots of sing-along opportunities.

After Fire And Water, a song about life's interconnectedness, Faizal bid goodnight to his guests.


However, he returned to perform Santai which was accompanied by a humorous music video where he played a "protective dad" who spied on his college-bound daughter.

Faizal's 17th anniversary concert titled "Aku Faizal Tahir Live In Kuala Lumpur" was organised by JioBuddy.

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