#Showbiz: A localised take on popular K-drama

Popular K-drama from 2000, Autumn In My Heart, is considered one of the pioneer series that launched the Korean Wave.

The successful series has now been remade into Luruhnya Bunga Cinta, which began airing this week on TV3's Akasia slot.

Produced by Global Station Sdn Bhd, the new drama series is directed by Muhammad Riza Baharuddin and stars Redza Rosli, Tracie Sinidol, Nabila Razali, Bella Luna, Auni Yusrii and Aniq Durar, among others.


Written by Hafiz Halim, Intan Zarina Mohd Yasin dan Farah Bani, the story follows the tragic fate of Nuha (Tracie) and Aara (Auni), who were accidentally switched at birth.

The identity mix-up sees Nuha growing up with brother Nuh (Redza) in a well-heeled family, while Aara is cared for in a poor household.

But as fate would have it, another accident involving Nuha results in tests that highlight her real bloodline.

Their change of fortunes sees the two returning to their rightful families, forcing Nuha to lose contact with Nuh.

As adults, they will once again cross paths with new challenges and unexpected twists.


"It's a localised version of the original and we filmed it in Penang and the Klang Valley," said Riza during a press conference for the series at GalahGala Seafood Restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

The director added that certain changes had to be made to the original plot.

"Obviously, we couldn't follow it 100 per cent, so we had some changes to make it more interesting for local viewers and to suit the local culture."

Lead actor Redza said he watched the original series intently and had many discussions with Riza to inhabit his role effectively.

"I wanted to try something new and get out of my comfort zone with this, and it has been an interesting ride so far."

Sabahan actress Tracie was glad to be able to learn a lot from the cast and director.

"I had to use my imagination to act in situations that I've not experienced and also to practise my conversation since I have a Sabah accent.

"I know I'm still fresh but I'm so grateful to have received lots of help and tips from the other cast members and the director," she said.

Over the years, Autumn In My Heart has been remade in various countries, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkiye and China.


"Honestly, it's a big responsibility since people would have high expectations," said Nabila, who plays Sarah, a new character specially written for the Malaysian version.

"I hope that Sarah provides a good and lasting impact. She's an owner of a gallery and there'll be a twist to her character, which will see me go through a whole gamut of emotions.

"I'm not in much of the episodes but each scene I have is quite important as she is quite a vital character.

"I can't reveal much, so go watch the drama series," she said.

The press conference, hosted by Fiza Frizzy, was also attended by Media Prima TV Networks content & creative marketing deputy general manager Farah Shamsudin, Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore regional manager Ng Hock Guan, iQIYI Malaysia business development executive Faye Lee and Global Station producer Zetty Alia Datuk Ramly.

Watch Luruhnya Bunga Cinta, which is sponsored by Nivea, from Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on TV3.

The drama series will also be streamed on iQIYI an hour after its terrestrial broadcast.

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