#Showbiz: Masdo collabs with Royal Alloy to produce limited edition 'Dinda' scooter

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular band Masdo is flattered to have been chosen for a collaboration with Royal Alloy, an automotive brand from the United Kingdom which produces classically styled scooters.

The project will come up with the first edition of only 50 units of youth edition Royal Alloy X Masdo scooter, also nicknamed 'Dinda', derived from the band's hit number released in 2019.

"This deal literally fell into our lap. It's totally unexpected when we were approached by the brand's representative about two months ago," shared Masdo bandmember Ali Sariah at the launch of the special collaboration held here earlier today.

Besides Ali, two other bandmates are Putuceri and Asmawi.

Putuceri added: "We're grateful with Royal Alloy for believing in us to carry their name in this year-long partnership.

"Above all, we're happy to be associated with the product and brand which have the same wavelength as our branding and the music we play."

He added, when approached, the trio discussed among themselves to see if the group could carry Royal Alloy name and if the product would gel with the concept Masdo has been carrying all along.

And it didn't take long for them to see how they both carry products with classical nuances but with the ability to catch the attention of today's generation.

The limited edition will be made available sometime later this year.

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