#Showbiz: A family affair with emotional song

ACTRESS and singer Wanna Ali released her latest single, Bukan Sekadar Lafaz, earlier this month under Alternate Records & Talents.

The pop ballad is the theme song for the currently-airing drama series of the same name on TV3, in which she plays the lead character opposite Alif Satar.

The 25-year-old artiste, whose full name is Nor Syazwana Mohd Ali, shares vocal duties on the new track with Aiman Ismail.

Bukan Sekadar Lafaz is a special tune composed by Pencil Pictures and Records founder Datuk Normashayu Puteh.

Better known as Ayu Puteh, the producer and mother of Wanna said she was very happy to write the song.

"I haven't created any new songs for a while now, so I was very excited to have been asked to compose the official soundtrack for Bukan Sekadar Lafaz.

"The song is very meaningful to me as it mirrors my life and situations I've been in before," said the Extraordinary Achievement of the Year winner for the 2021 Malaysia Prestigious Industry Awards.

Aiman also happens to be Ayu's husband with whom she tied the knot in 2017.

"Selecting Aiman as a duet partner made it a unique endeavour. The lyrics also contain a deep meaning and I was very satisfied with the production.

"I have to thank Wanna and Aiman for putting a lot of emotion into the song. It has really been a memorable experience for me and I hope that listeners will get a kick out of it," said Ayu.

Wanna said the song made her relate more to her character in the TV3 drama.

"I took over two weeks to really inhabit the track. When I read the lyrics and heard the melody, I could really feel that I was Ashikin, the character that I play in the drama.

"Recording this single in the studio with Aiman went well and it only took about five hours to complete.

"Aiman was great as a collaborative partner in this," said Wanna.

The Juang and Kampung Mat Saleh actress added that she was not worried about negative perception of their relationship as the song was a collaboration between professionals.

"The lyrics are based on my mother's life with Aiman. So she wanted a close family member to perform it as my mother is not a singer.

"In my family, Aiman and I have been singing for a long time. That's why we agreed to do this. Furthermore, this was a request from my mother herself," she said.

The lyrics for Bukan Sekadar Lafaz tell of a story between two lovers who are madly in love with one another but have doubts since they come from different worlds.

Aiman agreed that it was done on a professional basis.

"I have been living these lyrics for the past eight years since my marriage to Ayu. Wanna knows how meaningful this song is to me," he said.

The 33-year-old artiste added: "To remove any awkwardness between us, I had my gaze on Ayu, who was there the whole time during the recording process."

Bukan Sekadar Lafaz is available on streaming platforms.

Follow the social media accounts of Alternate Records & Talents and its YouTube channel for more songs.

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