#Showbiz: Another year of success and collaborations

8TV celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and hopes to continue reigning as Malaysia's No.1 Chinese-language channel.

The popular television network owned by Media Prima Bhd captured 81 per cent of the estimated six million Chinese viewers in Malaysia last year.

"According to the Nielsen rating, the past year saw 8TV reach 81 per cent of Chinese viewers.

"We have between about five and six million Chinese viewers in Malaysia, so an 81 per cent reach means that 8TV has reached 4.4 million Chinese viewers.

"8TV emerged as the most watched channel for the Chinese audience demographic of age 15 to 39, and the channel also continues to dominate the Astro platform.


"We hope to maintain the number of viewers or maybe record a higher rate this year," said 8TV chief operating officer Kevin Foo during 8TV's 20th Anniversary Gala Night in Petaling Jaya recently.

He added that during the Covid-19 pandemic from 2021 to 2022, 8TV's audience numbers had spiked due to Malaysians being stuck at home.

"Last year's viewership recorded a slight increase.

"Many viewers also watch 8TV on Myfreeview and the Astro platform."

Foo said 8TV would continue to prioritise original and innovative content to produce quality programmes.

The channel has taken the initiative to diversify its programme genres to suit the tastes of the viewers.


With that in mind, Foo said 8TV was happy to collaborate with foreign producers, such as those from Taiwan and Singapore, to present high-quality programmes.

"This year, we are more focused on working with other countries. Last year, we began our collaboration with the Taiwanese TV station, Sanlih E-Television (SET), for the show 'Mr Player'," he said.

8TV will continue the partnership for a special edition of the reality programme, 'Yes Night Market'.

The show features popular Taiwanese hosts, Lotus Wang, George Hu and Wills Sia, who check out how the Malaysian night market hawkers conduct their business.

The trio is shown learning new menus and finding formulas and strategies to achieve revenue targets amid the fierce competition at the night markets.

8TV is also working with a Singaporean production company to produce dramas.


"When we collaborate, we can include Malaysian elements that people abroad will get to watch.

"Our content can then make its way to foreign countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Brunei, as well as regions in China.

"For example, 'Mr Player' is very famous in China. Filming was done in Ipoh, Melaka and Genting Highlands, so it promotes our tourist destinations," said Foo.

At the Gala Night event, 8TV also announced a roster of exciting content for 2024.

These included the fifth season of 'Family Singing Show', the second season of 'The Greatest Of Us', the third season of 'Girls Day Out' and 'Ho Chak! 2924', as well as 'Mommas & Dragon Dance' and 'My Star Family'.


"After 20 years of operations, 8TV continues to excel as the primary choice for Malaysian audiences by providing the latest information and quality content for its loyal viewers.

"We are excited and honoured that 8TV has become a part of the daily lives of millions of Malaysian audiences, making 8TV their loyal companion," said Media Prima Television Networks and Primeworks Studios chief executive officer, Nini Yusof.

"The trust and support of 8TV's loyal audience is what makes the television station successful in maintaining its position as the No. 1 Chinese channel in Malaysia."

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