#Showbiz: Suara steps out of shadows with debut single

FIVE-member girl group Suara is slowly making its presence known in the local music scene.

It all began when Eeza, Ifa, Liliz, Fitri and Wady got together to perform a cover version of Ziana Zain's hit 'Putus Terpaksa', which struck a chord with listeners online.

On social media, the fresh quintet has already garnered more than 6.6 million views on TikTok.

Then more recently, Suara created another stir with a winning rendition of Ziana's 'Madah Berhelah', which drew more than 3.3 million viewers on TikTok.

And late last month, fans got to listen to the group's first single, 'Bayang-Bayang Sayang'.

The new track is also the official theme song for the TV3 drama series, 'Hati Tercarik Luka', currently airing on its Samarinda slot.


"All five of us immediately fell in love with this song crafted by Omar K as it features lyrics that carry a very deep meaning.

"This represents our first time coming up with an album so we had to face several challenges in bringing 'Bayang-Bayang Sayang' to life," said Eeza as the group's leader.

"One of the hard parts was the bridge and acapella segment, which represents the climax of the song.

"This required maximum vocal strength from all of us.

"It's not easy to pull off the high key notes. So, after intense practice, we managed to do what was needed.

"We all felt satisfied and fortunately, so did our composer and producer," she said.

Eeza added that just like how each person has a different singing voice, each member of Suara has her own strengths.

"This difference is what we're presenting to listeners and they will certainly be able to hear it for themselves.

"It's a heavy responsibility for us to ensure that the listener is able to appreciate every verse of the tune we are delivering, as well as the uniqueness of the work created by the composer of this song."

The girls did not miss the opportunity to utilise whatever time they had to make sure they got the best results for 'Bayang-Bayang Sayang'.

The creative team involved also gave Suara the space to incorporate their thoughts and ideas for the track.


While Omar K was responsible for 'Bayang-Bayang Sayang', Hanis Rafi and Firdaus Rahmat served as producers.

"The inspiration for 'Bayang-Bayang Sayang' came from a current event involving a local celebrity that went viral on social media.

"The members of Suara all have power vocals, and are very professional and talented. They have great potential to go far in the arts industry.

"Each member has her own uniqueness and style that makes this group a standout," he said.


Suara is committed to entertaining listeners and the girls hope that the new song will inspire them with its message of, "Continuously striving to find happiness in a relationship, even though each one has its own set of challenges."

'Bayang-Bayang Sayang' is available on iTunes and most online streaming applications, such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal and Deezer.

'Hati Tercarik Luka', which is adapted from the novel written by Aida Asmida, stars Zara Zya, Syarul Ezani and Ryun Ryry.

The drama airs at 10pm on TV3 from Monday to Thursday, and can also be streamed online via Tonton at The Tonton app is available for download from Google Play and App Store.

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