#Showbiz: HK artiste becomes construction worker to support family

KUALA LUMPUR: Although Hong Kong artiste Deep Ng has enjoyed a fairly successful career in show business, that hasn't stopped him from taking on other jobs to support his family.

In a recent news report, apart from singing and acting, the 40-year-old has been teaching music, served as a stage engineer, dabbled in F&B, and most recently, become a construction worker.

He recently posted an Instagram vlog, which featured him getting box lunches for himself and his co-workers.

In the caption, Ng wrote: "What exactly is a site meal? Where do we usually place our orders and get our food? How much does it cost? What's the quality like?"

The video showed Ng and his colleagues working on a site at Repulse Bay.

When it came time for lunch break, he headed out to collect several boxes of food and drinks of different varieties, including stir-fried pork rice, stir-fried beef with bittergourd rice, and curry beef rice.

It didn't take long for netizens to fill his comments section with praises and encouragement.

After winning the New Talent Singing Awards in 2002, Ng went on to record several albums and acted in films including New Police Story (2004) and As The Light Goes Out (2014).

In 2022, he married model Margiela Kwok. The couple welcomed their son Cheng Cheng that same year.

Last month, he announced that he has officially left his agency, Emperor Entertainment Group.

Touched by his fans' positive comments on his video on the construction site, Ng thanked them for their support, adding that he hasn't given up on being a singer, and shared that he will also be coming out with a new song sometime in the near future.

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