#Showbiz: Dikir Barat legend marries fan 43 years his junior

KUALA LUMPUR: Kelantan dikir barat legend, Halim Yazid, 64, is married to Farhana, 21, who is also one of his biggest fans.

His marriage to the woman from Bachok, Kelantan, has resulted in a six-month-old daughter according to a Harian Metro report today.

"My introduction to my second wife is quite unique since she used to babysit my cousin's child, then we met on social media.

"It's interesting because she is also from Kelantan and is a big fan of mine. Although she's young, she is actually familiar with the songs that I sing.

" I can say that my first wife is aware of our relationship and they don't fight," he said.

Aside from his baby girl, Halim is also the father to eight more children he had with his first wife.

Halim was met at an announcement event for the Zikir Dikir Concert set to take place on May 3 at the Convention Centre in Taman Tamadun Islam, Kuala Terengganu.

In addition to singing, Halim has also been running a nasi lemak and nasi berlauk business for the past seven months in Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang just to fill his free time.

The University of Malaya retiree, known for his song Anak Tupai, said that most of his performances were for private events which gave the impression that he was not active anymore.

"Instead of letting my brain deteriorate by not doing anything at home, I feel it's better for me to do something. I can also increase my income.

"Furthermore, I set up my stall because I wanted to meet my fans. Some of them come just to take pictures with me.

"If I get an invitation to perform, I have to close the stall. Although my wife can take care of it, I won't open it because I don't want to disappoint fans who come over and discover I'm not there," he said.

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