#Showbiz: Aliff Aziz's khalwat scandal just another chapter of actor's controversial romances [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and actor Aliff Aziz's recent khalwat (close proximity) arrest that made headlines is not surprising, netizens say, given his history of controversial relationships with other female celebrities.

Ruhainies Zainul Ilyas, Aliff's co-star who he was caught with for the khalwat incident, is just the latest in a series of female artists linked with him.

The actor has previously been romantically associated with actresses like Datin Anne Ngasri, Afifah Nasir, Oktovia Manrose, and Sophia Albarakbah.

The saga began in 2012 when Aliff and Datin Anne Ngasri, both working on the drama "Antara Kita," allegedly developed a close bond.

However, their relationship ended after eight months, with Anne eventually marrying Datuk Sumali Reduan.

In 2017, Aliff, married to Bella Astillah at the time, was accused of infidelity with Afifah Nasir, leading to a public scandal.

Although Aliff admitted to spending time with Afifah, she denied any romantic involvement.

In 2019, Aliff's behaviour raised eyebrows again when he was linked with Oktovia Manrose.

Bella Astillah highlighted Aliff's changed demeanour after filming a telefilm with Oktovia. The situation escalated when Aliff and Oktovia were caught together at a nightclub.

Further complications arose when Bella revealed Sophia Albarakbah's attempts to pursue Aliff romantically.

Sophia admitted her feelings for Aliff, leading to widespread condemnation of her actions as a home-wrecker.

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