#Showbiz: Datin Red apologises, admits too emotional with land sale rant

KUALA LUMPUR: The first wife of Datuk Red, Datin Seri Sharifah Norshafila Hashim a.k.a. Datin Red, has apologised for a previous post on Instagram which seemed to show her being dissatisfied with her husband.

In a more recent post on IG, she explained that she was too emotional when expressing her anger online which hinted at Datuk Red not appreciating her services and sacrifices.

"Sorry, I'm only human, always making mistakes and getting too carried away with emotions.

"We have only one God, who is Allah. Never, not even once, 'fall' for human trickery.

"Those who are human can never be compared to the One and Only," she said.

Earlier, Datuk Red or Datuk Seri Adnan Abu, who is also married to singer Adira Suhaimi, revealed that he had been declared bankrupt after a business he was working on had ceased operations in 2019.

He added that he had to rely on his second wife, Adira, to help with finances for himself and his children.

However, Datin Red, uploaded an IG Story entry saying that she was upset with Datuk Red who only mentioned Adira's kindness while she had also helped a lot during his times of trouble.

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