#Showbiz: 'You just live here in Malaysia, let me live happily in Australia' - Sajat [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: "That's right, my house is indeed up for auction," said controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Nur Sajat about a bungalow in Section 10, Petaling Jaya, Selangor which will be auctioned for RM4.68 million on May 13.

Nur Sajat, 39, said the move was made after deciding to stay in Australia, according to a Harian Metro report today.

"I've been living here (Australia) not there (Malaysia), so I'm selling it off. It's true, I'm auctioning it off.

"Sad? Why be sad? I'm living abroad, I'm happy here," she said.

In a video recording uploaded to her TikTok account, Sajat added that all her possessions in Malaysia were gone.

"It's not just that the house is up for auction, my car is gone. Everything is gone. So, what do you want me to come back for? There's nothing left.

"I'm currently living here, why would I think of living in Malaysia anymore? Not that I can return. I was here before but was told to leave. I've already left Malaysia, and now asking to come back, why?

"Let me live happily here. Even though we are far apart, we can be close at heart. You just be in Malaysia, it's fun to live in Malaysia. For people like me, it's no fun to live in Malaysia. For you, men, women, it's fun. Just stay there," she said.

Sajat said this in response to questions from TikTok users who were watching her recent live broadcast session.

Earlier, the media reported that Sajat's residence would be auctioned off by the bank at RM4.68 million.

A real estate agent had disclosed that the house was originally intended to be sold for RM9 million.

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