#Showbiz: Datuk Red models for baju Melayu label

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Adnan Abu a.k.a. Datuk Red is grateful to be offered the chance to be a model for a baju Melayu label recently, after being jobless for a long time.

The 46-year-old husband of singer Adira Suhaimi shared this on his recently set up TikTok account .

"Bismillah. Thank you for this unexpected job. This is my very first time being a 'model' for a fashion label, and I'm very honoured to be given this chance," he wrote in the entry.

Apart from payment as a model, he said that the label had also graciously gifted him and his family with new clothes for Hari Raya.

Meanwhile, a social media influencer known as Abang Tesla had also uploaded a video on his social media platform, asking for Datuk Red to get in touch with him as he also wanted to help the latter to get back up on his feet and to continue being a businessman.

"God-willing, I can help you to settle your debt, which I heard is somewhere between RM5mil and RM7mil. I can help you get back into business. So, reach out to me. Let's meet," he said.

Earlier, Datuk Red revealed that he had been declared bankrupt and had been jobless since 2019.

He further disclosed that he had debts amounting to RM5mil.

In the revelation, he also admitted his willingness to do any job that is suitable for his age.

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