#Showbiz: Adriana Ghafar's first collection of poetry

RISING star Adriana Ghafar, the first runner-up of the 2019 'Dewi Remaja' competition, is set to release her debut poetry collection, 'Everything in Between'.

In her foray into literature, Adriana aims to democratise poetry, making it inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of age and background .

"Poetry is often seen as old-fashioned, difficult to understand and reserved for the intellectual elite.

"This perception makes poetry intimidating, especially for young, budding poets who may hesitate to share their work.

"Drawing inspiration from contemporary poets, I hope to make poetry mainstream, breaking free from its confinement to classrooms or elite circles."

Adriana said she hopes to inspire people to use poetry as a means of self-expression.

Embracing modernity, the book integrates interactive elements like flipbook animation and augmented reality, breathing new life into this timeless art form and creating an engaging reading experience.

'Everything in Between' features Malay and English poems that explore the universal themes of love, family, rejection and resilience.

Adriana said the collection was written for women and young adults, especially for those seeking solace, inspiration and strength in the face of life's challenges.

As a strong advocate for women's rights, Adriana's poetry also aims to serve as a voice for gender equality and female empowerment.

"'Everything in Between' is a project close to my heart and an intimate reflection of my life's journey, with poems carefully curated over 12 years.

"Through its pages, I aim to offer motivation, empowering others to persevere amidst life's complexities.

"I hope my book ignites passion, especially among the younger generation and the marginalised. Poetry is a medium of self-expression that can inspire meaningful change."

Adriana, whose full name is Nur Nafissa Adriana Abdul Ghafar, has taken on many roles since the 'Dewi Remaja' competition.

From emceeing, modelling, acting to news anchoring, she is now pursuing a legal career as a chambering student.

Becoming a poet and author is another expression of her creativity.

Adriana, who began writing poetry in school, said she drew inspiration from renowned writers like Maya Angelou, Sharon Olds and Emily Dickinson.

She also admired A. Samad Said, Khadijah Hashim and Bernice Chauly.

'Everything in Between' will be released with three limited edition covers, each autographed by Adriana.

The poetry compilation is priced at RM48 and will be available for pre-order on the official website soon.

The official launch is scheduled for June 15.

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