#SHOWBIZ: Aliff Aziz's mother gets hundreds of hate messages

KUALA LUMPUR: The mother of controversial singer and actor Aliff Aziz, Siti Hafiza Basharahil, has been bombarded by hundreds of hateful messages from social media users.

However, in a post on her Instagram account, Siti Hafiza chose to delete and block those who sent her those negative comments.

"Masya-Allah, tabarakallah every day I receive hundreds of direct messages (DM) with elements of hatred from hardcore 'cyber troopers'.

"Alhamdulillah, I don't read them, I just kept clicking 'block' and 'delete'. It's a pity because they are industriously writing profanities, they must be tired," she wrote.

However, Siti Hafiza, who reactivated her IG account after the divorce case between her son Aliff and actress Bella Astillah, said she forgave those who did that.

"But it's okay, I forgive them because they don't realise they are like a cow that got its nose pierced. But they must really care about us because they spend a lot of time and energy on us," she said.

Siti Hafiza added that she was also moved by a positive message from one of her followers.

"Allah inspired me to read this sister's DM, Allahuakbar there are many more great people who have common sense to think and maintain manners, Alhamdulillah," she said.

Siti Hafiza has since disabled the comment section on the post.

On June 14, after nearly two months of deactivating her IG account, Siti Hafiza reactivated it again. 

In an entry, Siti Hafiza expressed gratitude that her family's affairs were made easier, which is believed to be related to her son's domestic turmoil.

The day before that, Aliff and Bella were legally divorced after going through a prolonged domestic crisis.

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