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Mat rempit nabbed after taunting police live on TikTok [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A youngster who taunted the police by live streaming himself speeding on a highway, believed to be in Kedah has been detained.

The youngster had live streamed himself being chased by the police and challenged authorities to catch him if they could.

Two videos have surfaced on social media of the incident, one allegedly recorded by the youngster and another by the police.

In the first video, the youngster was heard mocking the police for their 'incompetency' in pursuing him and his machine.

Loud police siren was also heard in the background of the video.

The second video is believed to have been posted by the police's MPV unit, who managed to catch up with the suspect and arrest him.

In the second video, one of the policemen was heard asking the suspect to repeat what he had said during his live video.

The suspect repeated what he had said about "police being a nuisance and causing trouble for the public" in his video before his arrest.

The policeman then goes on to say, sarcastically: "There you go, our not so power(ful) Mat Rempit (who was arrested)."

The suspect, who was seen uncuffed and squatting in the second video, was also heard asking the policeman for permission to ease himself.

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