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Aman Palestin filing ex parte judicial review to release 41 bank accounts

KUALA LUMPUR: Aman Palestin Bhd has filed for a ex parte judicial review to release its 41 bank accounts that were frozen under a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission probe.

In a statement posted on its official Facebook page today, Aman Palestin Bhd's lawyer, Rafique Rashid said the non-governmental organisation filed the judicial review to release the 41 bank accounts containing RM15 million belonging to Aman Palestin and some of its related entities.

He said it was filing the ex parte judicial review against the MACC and the government after two appeal attempts to unfreeze the bank accounts had not been granted by the commission.

"We sent two letters to the MACC on November 27, 2023, and Jan 9 appealing for the accounts to be released but to no avail.

"MACC has not responded in both instances. The humanitarian crisis is escalating, with a high number of deaths daily, thus we need that money to provide financial aid for victims of the war," Rafique said in a statement posted on Aman Palestin Bhd's Facebook today.

He said the NGO is no stranger to the people in Gaza as well as the people of Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen.

He said the current death toll in Palestine stands at 26,751 and this figure includes about 10,000 children; while there have been 65,636 people injured as a result of the Israeli attacks.

"Humanitarian aid and campaigns must continue despite any circumstances. Aman Palestin Bhd leaves this matter to the judicial system to reveal the truth and clear its name from malicious accusations of misappropriating RM70 million, which is not true at all," Rafique said.

He said Aman Palestin Bhd, a recognised institution spearheading humanitarian aid in Palestine, has collaborated with international NGOs in Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and surrounding areas as well.

He also hoped that Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, will continue to uphold the rights of the Palestinians.

In November last year, the MACC had confirmed it was freezing 41 bank accounts belonging to Aman Palestin with a total value of RM15,868,762.00 due to an investigation into allegations of misappropriation of public donation funds.

The commission had conducted searches at Aman Palestin's premises to obtain financial documents and operational management records for the past five years.

MACC had in October last year launched an investigation into Aman Palestin for alleged irregularities in the NGO's fundraising activities for the Palestinian people.

It was previously reported that the graftbusters were in the process of identifying the NGO's assets which were believed to have been obtained through the misappropriation of RM70 million in public funds.

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