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Police arrest couple suspected of abusing their children

KENINGAU: Police have arrested a couple suspected of subjecting children to abuse, employing various cruel methods including the use of an iron, iron rod, hot spoon, and scalding water, resulting in injuries and burns on their bodies.

Superintendent Yampil Anak Garai, Keningau District Police Chief, disclosed that the incident came to light when a 27-year-old man encountered a 13-year-old victim selling burgers at a local establishment in the area around noon on April 2.

The man observed injuries on the child's body, resembling those inflicted by an iron.

"Recognising the signs of abuse, he promptly lodged a police report, leading to the arrest of both suspects, a 27-year-old man and his 36-year-old wife who are burger sellers, at their rented residence in Keningau town later that evening," he said when reached for comment today.

Further investigation found that another five-year-old boy had also fallen victim to the suspects' abuse.

Neither victim has any biological relation to the couple; the older boy is the stepson of the woman, while the younger child is adopted.

Yampil clarified that the abuse occurred at the suspects' rented house between March 24 and 30.

The couple alleged that the older boy had deceived them in the sale of burgers, while the younger child was slow in removing his diapers.

Moreover, both suspects were found to have prior criminal records related to drug offences.

The case is currently under investigation under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001.

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