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Cops probing use of Bentley in green investment scam

KUALA LUMPUR: Police are investigating the use of a Bentley by a group led by a Datuk Seri who allegedly deceived investors over a green technology company.

According to Harian Metro's 'Skuad Khas' report, the vehicle was used by Datuk Seri when dealing with victims to persuade them to invest in companies associated with the group.

The vehicle had previously been used by a female lecturer from a public university who had been appointed as an adviser to the group.

Bukit Aman Commercial Crime Investigation Department director Commissioner Datuk Seri Ramli Mohamed Yoosuf said: "Investigations into the fraudulent green investment scheme and another case where a film producer was deceived over a housing project are ongoing.

"Both suspects involved have not been apprehended," he told 'Harian Metro'.

It was reported that a Datuk Seri had claimed to have lived in Denmark for 20 years and had partnerships with a green technology company in Denmark.

The man claimed that his company specialised in developing green technology, biodiesel, nanotechnology and construction projects to attract investors with promising returns.

He and his friends had set up companies and appointed a senior female lecturer from a public university, said to be an expert in these fields, as an adviser to the company.

The woman, in her 40s, was also tasked with finding investors for a purported project to develop a green technology township in Raub, Pahang, and the Kulim International Airport in Kedah.

To assure potential investors, the man and his associates would present working papers on the project, which they claimed were worth RM20 billion.

The same group also offered a housing investment project in Kelantan, purportedly leveraging expertise from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, resulting in film producer Datuk Rafiena Ezanee Ramli losing RM1.3 million.

Rafiena also reported that the man had deceived her again by pledging a Bentley car, which apparently did not belong to him but to someone else.

"I know that the car was previously used by a female lecturer and does not belong to the man who allegedly deceived me."

On May 20, police said they had completed their investigation and were looking for the suspects, who had gone into hiding.

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