MMA: Don't forget our healthcare workers

KUALA LUMPUR: The government of the day must not neglect issues surrounding healthcare workers during this Covid-19 pandemic, said the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).

Its president Datuk Dr Subramaniam Muniandy said issues such as spiking of Covid-19 cases, healthcare workers burnout, lack of manpower, beds, oxygen tanks as well as medical equipment must be addressed urgently.

"Our healthcare workers seem to be taken for granted, and many feel their services are only needed now because of the pandemic.

"The Hippocratic Oath is often emphasised but our comrades are being stretched to the limits.

"One of the critical longstanding issues that remain unaddressed is the contract doctor issue.

"And from the look of things, this too may be put on hold yet again, thanks to politics.

"Whoever the government of the day is, they must ensure the wellbeing of healthcare workers remains a high priority especially during this time of pandemic," he said in a statement, today.

Though there is an expected downtrend in hospital admissions by the end of August, Dr Subramaniam said the public hospitals are still overwhelmed, as some states begin to see a spike in Covid-19 cases.

"We have already lost close to 400 junior doctors who decided they have had enough, while the patience of their colleagues is wearing thin, and many have even perished from Covid-19 infections.

"It may be a matter of time before more healthcare workers throw in the towel.

"The government should not take this issue lightly as the growing frustration can have a serious impact on the standard of care in our government healthcare system".

He said it has been close to a month since the Prime Minister informed MMA that they would be invited for policy discussions.

"But none (of such discussions) have taken place till now.

"Regardless of the country's leadership outcome, urgency is required to address these pressing issues," he said.

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