Zalina Azman is well-liked, says friend Zakiah Anas

KUALA LUMPUR: "She is a good friend and everyone loves her," said former TV3 personality Zakiah Anas of her friend and former TV3 newsreader, Zalina Azman who was reported missing since November last year.

Zakiah said she was shocked to hear the news of Zalina's disappearance, as Zalina had a good relationship with those around her.

"All this while, we had tried reaching out to Zalina. I am also one of the few people who are close to her.

"Among others in our circle include Dang Suria Zainurdin, Sharifah Shawati, Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi and many more. This was our usual gang when we worked in the TV3 studio at Jalan Liku in Bangsar.

"We tried contacting her every time we wanted to meet but couldn't get anything from her. In fact, there were times when the phone was not ringing when we called. It has also been a few years since I tried contacting her.

"We initially thought that Zalina wanted to live a low-profile life, hence, we respected her decision. We, however, were shocked to hear that her son has lodged a missing persons report with the police.

"While we were wondering what she has been up to, her son was also looking for her," she said to Berita Harian when contacted.

Zakiah added that the last time she met Zalina was before her friend left for the holy land to perform her haj many years ago.

"I think the last time that I met her was during a 'doa selamat' prayer before she flew to Makkah in 2013. We never spoke after she returned from the haj, so it has been a long time since we have seen each other.

"We thought she may also be busy with family, hence, we did not want to disturb her and understand that everyone has their own lives.

"Considering she is a low-profile person, Zalina also does not have any social media accounts. Her good friends, Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi and Datin Nor Azlina Redzuan also couldn't reach her. I, however, am still in touch with other friends though we have not met in a long time," she said.

"We have no issues with Zalina. She is very kind, everyone likes and loves her. She is also not the kind of person you could hate.

"I tried contacting her in 2012 when I wanted to get married but to no avail. However, there were friends who mentioned they met Zalina in Shah Alam in 2019.

"Hopefully, she will be found soon, God willing," she said.

Meanwhile, Zalina's friends including Datuk Aznil Nawawi and Ras Adiba have taken to social media platforms to ask for help in locating Zalina.

In two posts on her Instagram account, Ras Adiba pleaded with the public to help locate Zalina and urged her to come home.

She wrote: "Where are you Zally? Please come home, just come home."

Aznil, on the other hand, pleaded with those with information on Zalina's whereabouts to inform the police.

"Whoever has any information on my friend, Zalina Azman's whereabouts, please contact officer Sergeant Sabturia Lorong or call the Seksyen 6 police station at 03-55194622," he wrote in an Instagram post.

Previously, it was reported that the police were actively looking for the former TV3 newsreader.

Meanwhile, Shah Alam police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said Zalina's son, Mikhael Norman, 33, had filed a report at the Seksyen 6 police station on Nov 29 last year.

"All efforts had been undertaken but Zalina is yet to be found. The investigation is still ongoing," he said in a statement.

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