Hawkers hope price won't vary too much

KUALA LUMPUR: Food operators have been doing their best to cope with the hike in cooking oil prices, and they are hoping the new price capped at RM34.70 for 5kg bottled cooking oil will not vary too much each month.

However, checks showed that not many traders are aware of the new monthly floating price scheme for cooking oil.

A 55-year-old popiah seller in Kajang, who wished to be known only as Nizah, said the new ceiling price was welcomed by small-time food sellers like her.

"The price hike for cooking oil was very steep previously and it affected my profit.

"I try not to reuse leftover cooking oil as my customers are particular about it.

"However, I understand that other sellers have no choice but to reuse it.

"I hope the new ceiling price will stay and not vary too much as it would help small business owners like me," she said.

She added that the price of her popiah remained the same although the price of oil had increased the previous month.

A keropok lekor seller, who wanted to be known only as Soraya, said she was not notified of the new price by her supplier.

"I use the 1kg polybag cooking oil as it is more affordable, but it is hard to come by.

"However, since the hike, we've had to opt for the 2kg cooking oil instead and increase the price of keropok lekor.

"We used to sell them at RM2 for five pieces, but we had to increase it to RM3."

A roadside trader, known as Faizal, 50, said he was unaware of the new ceiling price.

"The price change is confusing and I don't know how much the oil is priced.

"As a trader, I welcome the new price as it makes it easier to turn a profit.

"The cost of cooking oil needs to drop to a more reasonable price so that all Malaysians can afford it," he added.

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