Baby Faiq needs surgery to fix heart condition

KUALA LUMPUR: Parents of two-month-old Faiq Abdul Azim are racing against time to save their son who suffers from congenital heart disease.

Abdul Azim Abdul Rahman, 28, and Tengku Namira Abdul Malik, 27, need RM100,000 to pay for their son's surgery that must be done fast.

They have turned to Da-Ai Malaysia Social Crowdfunding (Da-Ai) for help.

Da-Ai chairman Tee Geok Lin told the New Straits Times that baby Faiq's heart has a hole measuring about 7 to 8 milimetres.

"Also, the aorta pulmonary window type 1 (AP Window) must be repaired. Otherwise, there will be issues with two major blood vessels that can worsen his heart condition and put pressure on the lungs.

"Faiq is now undergoing treatment at the hospital with catheters inserted into his nose and mouth while waiting for the much needed surgery," he said.

Tee also said the baby's parents cannot afford to fork out the RM100,000 with their current salary.

Faiq's father works in the customer service industry and his mother is an accounting secretary.

"They are appealing to the public to donate so that Faiq's surgery can be done as soon as possible before his condition deteriorates further."

Based on a video shared by Da-Ai, Azim and Namira told the non-profit organisation that they took Faiq to the hospital for examination when they saw their son had trouble breathing.

"He was admitted immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and doctors detected that he had RSV (respiratory syncytial virus),

"In other words, Faiq has lung infection affecting his breathing. He was later placed in the isolation ward for three to four weeks."

Faiq parents said doctors had to put their son on high concentration of oxygen due to the baby's respiratory distress.

"Faiq needs the surgery fast. Otherwise, we are afraid he will no longer (be able) to breathe on his own," the couple said.

Those who wish to donate can call Vin at 012-7222849 or email

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