NHMS: One in three adolescents overweight or obese

KUALA LUMPUR: One in three adolescents in the country is overweight or obese, mainly due lifestyle and food habits.

This finding is from the Institute for Public Health's National Health and Morbidity Survey 2022: Adolescent Health Survey, which polled secondary school students aged 13 to 17.

According to the survey, an alarming four out of five adolescents lead a physically inactive lifestyle and two out of three engage in sedentary behaviours.

The study found that four out of five adolescents do not consume an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables and one in three consume carbonated soft drinks on a daily basis.

It also revealed that one in 10 adolescents consume fast food at least three days a week.

The survey also shed light on adolescents' oral hygiene.

While three out of five adolescents surveyed believed their oral health was good, the study highlighted that 43.3 per cent of respondents were unsure whether their toothpaste contained fluoride and only 21.4 per cent reported using dental floss.

The survey also revealed that 10.8 per cent of adolescents missed classes due to toothache and 30.5 per cent avoided smiling due to concerns about the appearance of their teeth.

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