Anwar: Save country from religious bigotry

PERMATANG PAUH: A win for the unity government in the state elections will save the country from religious bigotry.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said parties in the unity government practised tolerance and unity.

He said the racial and religious sentiments harped by the opposition were no mere political narratives, but were dangerous for the country.

In citing a statement recently by Pas leaders, he said their claim that Prophet Adam landed in Gunung Jerai, Kedah was a lie which was never questioned by the Pas ulama.

"What is wrong with this country? Notwithstanding whom you support, there are issues and facts you must acknowledge.

"(To say) that the third Caliph was in Kedah is clear nonsense. It is being tolerated out of ignorance because their loyalty is more towards the party than to the religion.

"If you are really committed to the teachings of Islam, you will not tolerate this. (Just) like what was said that those who are against Pas are enemies of Allah," Anwar told reporters after the Program Qurban Perdana Madani here today.

The Pakatan Harapan chairman said when criticism was levelled at Pas, the party would accuse its opponents of being disrespectful to Islam.

"When we counter them, what would they say? They will question why they cannot talk about race. They will question why we are disrespecting the ulama.

"We must be brave and muster our abilities to deal with this. I have informed my colleagues in PH and Umno that we have to deal with this.

"This is not a matter of winning elections. It is a matter of saving the country from racial and religious bigotry," he said.

At a separate function at Sama Gagah later, Anwar urged Pas to answer to the lies it had spread on prominent Islamic figures.

"We want answers from Dewan Ulamak Pas to clear any confusion. As a party which stands for Islam, they need to answer this clearly."

Asked if the unity government parties could win the three state seats in Permatang Pauh, with the supposed "green wave" in the north, Anwar said:

"We are going to win with Allah's grace. We do not buy into this (green wave) narrative.

"It is also the failure to address some concerns and effectively counter the incessant propaganda on race and religious bigotry."

Anwar also said mosques should not be used to incite racial and religious hatred.

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