Johor receives 80 metric tonnes local white rice to alleviate rice shortages

JOHOR BARU: To overcome shortages, the Agriculture and Food Security Ministry despatched 80 metric tonnes of local white rice in batches to Johor.

State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry and Rural Development Committee chairman Datuk Zahari Sarip said the first batch of 30 metric tonnes was despatched yesterday, which was the federal government's intervention under the ministry to address rice shortage in the state.

The distribution has been coordinated via three key agencies, namely the Padi and Rice Regulator (Kawalselia Padi dan Beras), the Federal Agricultural Marketing Board (Fama) and the Farmers' Organisation Board Authority (LPP).

"The padi and rice authority received the initial batch of 30 metric tons of local white rice on Monday, and it is targeted to be distributed to 38 supermarkets throughout the state.

"Subsequently, Fama will oversee the allocation of another 30 metric tons of local white rice to four collection centres in Johor Baru, Tangkak, Batu Pahat, and Simpang Renggam.

"The local rice shipment will be disbursed to all 35 Fama outlets and permanent farmers' markets before it will be available to the general public by tomorrow. While LPP will receive 20 tonnes," he said.

The rice distribution was tailored to meet the specific area needs and population densities, particularly in urban centres.

"He said local white rice is price-regulated between RM24 and RM26 per 10-kilogram pack, reflecting the government's commitment to ensure affordability.

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