JB's 'international' night market gets locals talking [NSTTV]

ULU TIRAM: A group of foreign nationals found conducting business openly at a night market in Taman Desa Cemerlang, here, has become quite the talk of the town for locals.

A resident of Taman Desa Cemerlang, known as Azim, 40, stated that the presence of the group of foreign nationals conducting business is not a new phenomenon and it has been happening for some time. He said they are openly selling various goods, including fresh produce, dried food, and vegetables.

According to Azim, their presence has been well-received, given that the location is adjacent to an industrial area with a high number of foreign laborers. He noted that not only are there traders from Pakistan, but also individuals from Nepal and Vietnam.

He expressed concerns about the hygiene practices of these foreign traders and questioned who granted them permission to operate. Azim said that the local council members should be informed of this issue and enforcement actions should be taken periodically.

Meanwhile, a video shared by a man named Richie Goh showed that at the night market located on Jalan Meranti, Pakistanis were selling eggs while Nepalese were selling vegetables nearby.

The video also depicted a group of women, believed to be from Myanmar, selling vegetables, and a Nepali man selling fish alongside vegetables.

Richie Goh noted that these foreign traders were operating alongside local vendors at the night market.

The video elicited various reactions from netizens who expressed concerns about the fate of local traders if this situation continues.

Meanwhile, Johor Baru Mayor, Datuk Noorazam Osman, stated that the city council would issue a statement regarding the matter.

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