Third parties, lack of romance, and social media: Factors behind Perlis divorce increase

KANGAR: The Perlis Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JAIPs) has identified several modern factors contributing to the increasing divorce cases in the state.

Among these factors are the presence of a third person in the marriage, a lack of romance from the husband, and the tendency of spouses to air their marital issues on social media.

Perlis Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JAIPs) Syariah Law Administration chief assistant director Muhammad Hafeez Abu Seman said on average 1,000 new divorce case files being opened by the department annually.

"This trend is on the rise, not only in Perlis but in other states as well.

"When a divorce file is opened, it undergoes a consultation process, and if the relationship is deemed irreparable, it proceeds to the divorce process," he said after a conference here.

Hafeez highlighted that these modern factors have supplanted some of the more traditional reasons for divorce, such as husbands failing to pay alimony or becoming involved in drug or ketum addiction.

He said the presence of a third person is now cited as one of the common causes of divorce, with an increase in people from other states working in Perlis.

"Additionally, a lack of romantic gestures from husbands and the trend of spouses discussing marital problems on social media have also contributed to divorces.

Despite the rising divorce rates, he said, there was a substantial number of marriage applications in Perlis each year, ranging from 3,000 to 3,500.

This includes applications from people outside of Perlis who choose to get married in the state.

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