Education Ministry to ensure school sports equipment audited for safety

SERDANG: The Education Ministry will ensure that all sports equipment in schools is audited, to ensure the safety of students when using these apparatus during sports activities.

Its Minister, Fadhlina Sidek, said it was crucial to ensure that sports equipment and the school grounds were always in good condition, in line with the ministry's 1Student, 1Sport (1M1S) policy.

"Sports development facilities should be given a focus. At the ministry level, apart from sport-related allocations, we also are looking at how to ensure sports equipment (in schools) can be audited so that they will be in good and safe condition for the students," she told Bernama after officiating the Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) (C) Serdang Soon Ah Koon synthetic field in Serdang here today.

She added that the 1M1S policy will also be expanded, so that all students will have access to games and sports, thus cultivating a sports culture for a more healthy generation.

"Sports culture should start in the early stages of schooling... Most importantly in the overall context, the holistic character development (of the student) includes sports.

"We are also trying as much as possible to make sports a unifying medium among students," she said.

Meanwhile, she also congratulated the management of SJK (C) Serdang on getting sponsorship to improve the sports facilities at the school and hoped that this could be used as a good example for all parties.

"The synthetic field, with a cost of over RM700,000, will have a big impact on the children's sports development. I wish to thank the school and its board of management for ensuring that the school's sports facilities are at their best level," she added. --BERNAMA

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