Sultan Nazrin of Perak: A visionary leader committed to tackling food security

IPOH: Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, who ascended the throne of Perak in 2014, possesses a strong academic background and a keen interest in economic and social development.

Sultan Nazrin holds a PhD in Politics, Economics, and Government from Harvard University; a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Oxford University; and a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Harvard University, which has equipped him with a deep understanding of complex issues surrounding food security.

Perak State Agriculture Development Corporation (Perak SADC) Chief Executive Officer Datuk Yahanis Yahya said Sultan Nazrin is renowned not only for his royal lineage but also for his deep concern and active involvement in addressing various societal issues, including those related to food security.

"His views and efforts in this sector reflect a thoughtful and compassionate approach to one of the most pressing global challenges.

"His Majesty's leadership and concern were reflected through his speech at the Maal Hijrah 1444 State Level Celebration in July of last year," he said.

Yahanis said Sultan Nazrin has ordered the revival of the Green Book Plan, which was originally launched in 1974, to bolster the agricultural sector as the threat of a food security crisis affecting the world intensifies.

Quoting Sultan Nazrin at the event, His Majesty said that the idea, originally introduced by the former Prime Minister, the late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, with the aim of reducing excessive dependence on imported foodstuffs, deserves to be revisited, rejuvenated, and injected with new life.

"The Green Book Plan is an important idea for boosting the agricultural sector without denying the significance of other sectors.

"Strategic measures need to be implemented to nurture a new generation of farmers, expand the cultivation of food crops, and encourage production through modern methods, even on small land," said His Majesty.

Sultan Nazrin noted that the collaboration between the Perak Islamic Religious Council and Malay Customs (MAIPk) and the Perak Islamic Religious Department (JAIPk) with the Agriculture Department to increase foodstuff production represents a strategic departure from conventional work culture.

Furthermore, Sultan Nazrin emphasised that this partnership must receive support from various parties.

"Financial support, in addition to fulfilling corporate social responsibility undertaken by the Perak SADC, the Perak Menteri Besar Corporation, and the Perak State Islamic Development Corporation Bhd, plays a crucial role in funding the food production programmes carried out by mosques, surau, tahfiz, and schools, making it very meaningful and encouraging," said His Majesty.

Meanwhile, Yahanis said to ensure that the aspect of food security consistently receives due attention, the state government has redoubled its efforts to realise all initiatives aimed at strengthening Food Security, as outlined in the Perak Sejahtera 2030 plan, particularly through collaboration among agencies and departments related to the agricultural sector to facilitate large-scale food production.

Yahanis further emphasised that Sultan Nazrin is a visionary Sultan who comprehends various aspects of food security issues.

"His views and concerns are grounded in a deep understanding of the challenges and a commitment to making a positive impact.

"His Majesty's dedication to addressing food security is not only impressive but also serves as an inspiration to leaders and individuals worldwide to prioritise this critical issue," he added.

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