The strange tale of Danial Hakim's two-day disappearance

KUALA LUMPUR: Many questions have been left unanswered over Muhd Danial Hakim Mohd Saiful's disappearance. The 24-year-old video editor was reported missing for two days before miraculously reappearing yesterday.

Danial, residing in Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, failed to return home after leaving his workplace in Petaling Jaya last Wednesday.

Recounting his ordeal, Danial said he took a train from Petaling Jaya to the Sungai Buloh MRT Station before driving home around 8pm.

"During that time, I felt extremely dizzy, so I pulled over at the roadside and took a brief nap. Upon waking up, I recalled my wife waiting at home for a dinner outing, prompting me to head back immediately," Danial explained.

Unfortunately, he found himself disoriented, unable to locate his way home, and ended up in a familiar area. Suddenly, his vision blurred, and the surroundings turned pitch dark, leaving him unable to see anything.

"I turned off the car engine and stepped out, but due to the darkness, fear gripped me, preventing me from reentering the car.

"Subsequently, I attempted to exit again, only to discover that the car door no longer opened," he said.

Continuing his narrative, Danial revealed that for the next two days, he felt isolated, accompanied only by the sound of "bells" and the constant presence of a figure observing him from outside the car.

His attempts to start the car engine and find his way home proved futile.

"I could hear the sounds of vehicles and people outside, but my visibility was non-existent. I even spotted the lights of police patrol cars and attempted to shout for help, all in vain," he added.

In a moment of despair, Danial claimed to have nearly given up hope until he heard the 'azan' call to prayer and noticed a glimmer of light in an alley.

Successfully restarting the car engine, he navigated through the alley and finally reached home.

Upon arriving at his residence, Danial contacted his wife, Puteri Nik Badzlin Amir, 25, before proceeding to the police station to file a report.

Despite his safe return, Danial admitted to still being traumatised by the incident but expressed gratitude for the opportunity to reunite with his family.

"Some may find it hard to believe and label me as crazy, but this is my reality. Although I was missing for two days, it felt like I was lost for only eight to 10 hours."

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