VCAM supports move to exclude vaping from GEG bill

KUALA LUMPUR: A vaping advocacy group supports the cabinet's decision to exclude vaping from the Public Health Bill, especially the Generational Endgame (GEG) measures.

Vape Consumer Association of Malaysia (VCAM) considers this decision a major advancement and lauded the government's recognition regarding their longstanding advocacy for this separation.

"We believe that vaping, being tobacco-free, should be treated separately from tobacco products.

"While recognising the GEG bill's aim was to reduce tobacco use among future generations, VCAM firmly believes that vaping, as a less harmful alternative, plays a pivotal role in aiding smokers in their journey to quit," said the group.

VCAM highlighted the strong support from multiple global studies affirming vaping's effectiveness as a tool for quitting smoking.

Citing a 2022 Cochrane review, they found that out of 100 people using nicotine e-cigarettes to quit smoking, eight to 12 people could successfully quit, surpassing other forms of nicotine replacement.

VCAM also lauded the exclusion of vaping from the Generational Endgame (GEG) bill, emphasizing its recognition of vaping's unique status and its potential as a harm-reduction tool for smokers.

Meanwhile, VCAM president Tengku Aslahuddin Ja'afar Tengku Azlan said the association believes that this decision paves the way for a more comprehensive approach to regulate vaping products.

"We remain dedicated to supporting Malaysia's journey toward a tobacco-free nation.

"VCAM is eager to collaborate with the government to shape responsible and effective policies that will benefit public health and offer less harmful alternatives to those seeking to quit smoking.

"We are eager to collaborate with the government to develop a suitable regulatory framework for vaping, ensuring it is treated independently, and its potential as a smoking cessation tool is harnessed to the fullest."

It was reported in April that VCAM repeated its calls for the government to leave out vape products in the proposed tobacco generational endgame (GEG) law.

The association had said this on the heels of the Health Ministry's decision to remove nicotine from the Poisons Act 1952.

Tengku Aslahuddin said the government should emulate New Zealand, where vape products were being used as a tobacco harm reduction tool.

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